Cagbalete Island, Mauban, Quezon, Philippines   


We're Cagbalete Island's best spot!

With Cagbalete Island immensely gaining popularity to backpackers, bloggers, beach-lovers, and adventure-seekers alike, VILLA CLEOFAS has arguably become the local and international travelers' favorite on the island. As a family-owned, family-run resort, we only seek to give our customers the homey feel that only Villa Cleofas can provide. We have simple, basic yet charming facilities and accommodation, good home-cooked food, and the warmest and friendliest service. We are taking steps to be  an environment-friendly, low-impact recreational camping resort. Our advocacy is to preserve the natural beauty of Cagbalete Island.

VILLA CLEOFAS enjoys 300 meters of absolute white beach frontage. We have inviting Bermuda grass - covered grounds and old trees providing the perfect spot for camping, teambuilding, sports, photo shoots, snorkeling (nearest to Bonsai Island), trekking, fishing, bonding with family and friends, weddings and events! In Cagbalete Island - there's so much space & so many things you can do!

Fine, white sand beaches of Cagbalete Island

Perfect for events!

Hauntingly beautiful sand ripples during low tide

Clear, blue waters and best spot for camping!

The most majestic view of the sunrise right outside your doorstep. How many sunrises have you seen in this lifetime?

Credits to for this photo of the resort's frontage!